chocri customized chocolate bars

Images-2 I was sent a link this morning from a reader about a new company doing customized chocolate bars.  Of course, checked it out and bought a few.  the company is called chocri and it began in berlin.  the website takes you to the url, create my chocolate. 

conceptually, it is a great concept.  certainly chocolate is a very saturated market these days but this is a tad different.  there is a granola company that does the same thing where create your own granola mix.  i tried that out and wasn't that thrilled with the actual product.  we take our granola very serious here in the wilson house.

i made a bunch of personalized bars for valentines day.  the site is user friendly.  what is very clever is when you check out, you can use your amazon account.  if you choose that option, it links to your amazon account, and you confirm the payment.  i would use amazon over paypal any day. 

when they arrive, let's see how they taste.