Mas (farmhouse)

Images Friday night, we went with friends to see the Knicks/Lakers game and then out for dinner in the post-game.  There was a time in our
lives when we were always going to Knicks games but over time we stopped.  The team was so pathetic that we all lost interest.  I have to say,  it was great to be
back.  It has become a bit circus
at the games.  At every time out there is some form of entertainment from the Knicks City dancers to the Knicks acrobats to the random people in
the audience they bring down to try and win something.  It is overwhelming. Yet, the most
amazing thing about seeing the game is the physique, grace and intensity of the
players.  These guys are just
specimens and it is just awesome to watch them play.  Particularly Kobe Bryant.  He is a freak of nature.  

We checked out at half time to go have dinner at Mas
.   We have been back
to Mas a handful of times since they have opened.  I have never seen it that crowded particularly in the bar area but Friday night was totally different.  Not only was the place packed, the front bar area was

I have always loved the whole gestalt at Mas.  Serious attention to detail starting
with the beautiful china that makes one feel as if they are sitting at a dinner
party.  Love that.  It is a good place for a date night.

There are a variety of options on the menu.  You can go with a six course tasting
menu or opt for 4 courses (one being dessert).  There are 5 appetizers and 5 main courses to choose from but
if you like something off of the six course tasting menu, you can choose one of
those options too. 

Each plate is proportioned based on how you order.  If you order just an appetizer and a
main course, the serving portion will be larger.  If you have a 4 course meal, the portions get smaller, etc.

We happened to be dining with friends who are in the NY
restaurant world and with that come benefits.  Good company and a few extra plates sent our way in between what we
had ordered.  I learned a great new way to describe those omigod dishes that don't come along often enough.  MO, mouth orgasm. 

As a whole, I have never found the food at Mas one MO after another but there were definitely some highlights.  Sometimes, the nuances to each dish are over thought and are lacking that oomph.  The one dish that was a total MO was the sweetbreads.  It was the one dish we all had which wasn't on the menu.  Pan roasted sweetbreads with a dollop of uni on top.  I can't remember the entire dish but the combo of the flavors and the intensity of uni with the sweetbreads was a MO. 

Every dish is beautiful and the attention to detail, just like the table settings, is impressive.  We were there for about 3 hours.  Had a great evening.  I guarantee, I will continue to return to Mas. 


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  1. kirklove

    Mas. Yum. Very nice. I’m jealous.And don’t worry about the Knicks they’ll be good again after they get King James next year.