Risotto to the nth power

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We went to a friends house for New Years Eve this year.  I believe it was the first New Years we have spent in NYC in over 10 years.  Our friends invite anyone who is in town that they know over to ring in the new year.  Great idea and glad they did it. 

Out of the couple, the husband is the chef.  He is totally into cooking and makes quite a killer paella.  He made this on New Years eve to kick off the evening with pure decadence.  Risotto with uni and a little caviar on top.  It was fantastic.  A serious treat. 

I took a photo and felt the need to post it.  Just one look at the photo, screams delicious. 

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  1. ADstruc

    that doesn’t look like a little caviar – that looks like a lot and just the right amount!

  2. cedar chests

    The photo really looks delicious! I haven’t eaten this for quite some time now! I envy those people who can make a delicious dish!

  3. dgoody

    would love to take credit for the Risotto dish, but it was our friend Hilary’s recipe and she did all the hard work (homemade Lobster stock, Uni, cavier, lobster, crab). Totally ridiculous dish and loved seeing everyones face when they took the first bite. Great way to start the new year!

  4. stevefried

    that looks seriously devine; i would have loved to be there…1 of my favorite dishes and hilary is a fabulous cook. happy new year to all….i’d like to get this recipe on my blog

    1. Gotham Gal

      Hilary is quite the cook…gives great directions toojoanne [email protected]

      1. stevefried

        Did u cook w her? Her kitchen in e hampton is a dream. U would luv it.