watching a restaurant blossom

Images As an investor in Joseph Leonard, I have become a regular patron.  No surprises there.  Certainly to understand and be of help to any investment, you have to use the product.

I've always loved the retail world.  It is a tough business and we used to say to be in it you better love it because there is no reason to like it.  What I love about it is the constant interaction with the people as well as the immediate results that you can attain daily. 

Secretly, I've always wanted to get into the restaurant business.  I could do that now but isn't lack of drive but more life decisions for myself.  We have a lot going on and I basically run our family/business.  My extraordinary organizational skills that allows me to juggle 20 balls at a time is just innate.  Sometimes it actually amazes me but it is just who I am.   Not sure I could start a restaurant because I am not sure I want to devote the kind of time and energy needed at this point of my life.

So, it has been really interesting to me to watch Joseph Leonard open and then grow under the reign of Gabriel Stulman.  Impressive actually.

The restaurant opened as soon as he could, starting with dinner only.  During this time and still today, he continues to tweak the menu.  Then he opened for lunch and then breakfast after lunch was running smoothly.  Mondays were always a day of rest.  But next week, Tues-Sun, JL will be open for dining from breakfast thru dinner with no rest.  The lull time between 330-530 they will serve cheese, shellfish and a few items, a bar menu.  He will now open on Monday nights for dinner only.  Again, a business in motion.

His ideas continue to flourish.  He is not as much committed to his original concepts but committed to success.  I like that in an entrepreneur.   The food continues to change too.  Sometimes I am blown away while others I am not wowed but just content.  Gabriel is all over that. 

What he has created is an incredible community around the restaurant.  He is the mayor of that corner.  To me, regardless of his entrepreneurial skills, his mayoral qualities is something that comes from within, it can't be taught and that skill is pretty damn impressive.  

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  1. Joe Siewert

    Thanks for the update. Happy to hear it’s continuing to grow.

  2. Atlanticgull

    Gotta love the nice words in this week’s New Yorker. “The meat on the menu is uniformily excellent…” “For comfort food, it would be difficult to do much better than…”Congratulations!!

  3. artyowza

    i’ve been thinking today about leadership qualities and creating community…..good luck!

  4. karen_e

    Nice post. Can’t wait for our next trip to your ‘hood!

  5. Debbie from NYC

    Just tried the most amazing product…GINGER SYRUP from Morris Kitchen. They did tastings at the recent One of a Kind Show in NYC…makes a fresh and delicious ginger ale with sparkling water and perfect to add to a vodka cocktail.