Save the Planet is definitely the theme for many products going forward.  h2o sent me a case of water to check out.  The water comes from a great spring in Canada.  Packing is completely renewable and recyclable.  Fits in the palm of your hand.  Pretty clever and certainly forward thinking.  The packaging is also BPA free.  I really like that because this is a huge issue right now and particularly big on women's radar screens.  This is the first company to put water in a package that isn't plastic.  The name of the company is one drink at a time.  Love that. 

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  1. rdeichert

    Great to see a solution for the plastic bottles and reduced use of oil to make the plastic. There is still the issue of the energy needed to ship the produce around.Wine bottles waste energy shipping empty to be filled as well as the package weight during shipment.

    1. Gotham Gal

      You are right on the wine. Not sure how wine would taste in a package thatis recyclable. Wouldn’t be great for aging.

      1. rdeichert

        Great question, screw tops are replacing corks, maybe some kind of glassfiber lining could provide the stability and longevity of glass but at areduced weight.

  2. Matthew

    Uh, Gotham Gal – “Save the Planet” and “forward thinking”? Even though the packaging is plastic-less (which is great), the water is coming to you all the way from Canada! How about drinking something that is a bit more local?

  3. WA

    Interesting. I wonder if there is a metal foil liner between the inside and the outside of the carton. If so recycling may not be that easy without special processing. It appears there is also a plastic cap will have to be separated from the carton. The caps may not be recycled at all (depending on the type of plastic it is) at the centers.Another little known fact is: at many recycling plants, given the volume of items being processed, regular plastic water bottles that come through with caps on are frequently tossed away not being recycled at all. This is due to the inefficiency and expense in the number of labor hours it would take for workers to remove each cap at the recycling plant as they process millions of items. I foot note this as direct source reference: Our recycling driver from Waste Management here in South Florida.In England there is a competing product under the name AquaPax, which on the back of the paper (recyclable) water package states the carton is made of mostly wood. I wonder if it faces the same issue of the “foil in the fold” so to speak.We are in a think globally, act locally world so I applaud all products with no geographical prejudice as to it origins that act to reduce the carbon footprint. However the reality of being marketed green products versus its true greenness is something to be aware of. So is the foil in the fold on this one?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Good question about the foil. I will take a look. What can’t be recycledis always a surprise.Joanne [email protected]://www.gothamgal.comCell 917-496-8768Home 212-994-5321

  4. Michael Rad

    this packaging may need a bit a of work to get to a point thats truly sustainable, but i am down with anything that challenges convention. its a step in a positive direction, id say.i feel like the topic of water has been popping up increasingly in nyc lately. i just summed up a couple of things i noticed in a blog post- http://post.ly/NiCc

    1. Gotham Gal

      Agreed. A step in a positive direction. That is really the key.joanne [email protected]

  5. Michael

    In my opinion this is another example of “Greenwashing” that people can not see through. The package is one of the many components of packaged water. Others resources involved include transportation, energy to manufacture, human resources, facilities/structures. Why use the resources to package and transport water when it’s readily available from a tap near you? Oh, and the outrageous prices!”Save the Planet” and drink the local water from a reusable container.