I met Tanya Monteiro when I was in London this past autumn.  She came in to London to meet with me after reading my blog.  I was such a delight to meet her as well as I was seriously thrilled that someone would want to come and meet me. 

Tanya made a major life change a few years ago.  She dropped out of the insane business world of NYC and headed to Portugal to reconstruct her life.  This particular project, making a documentary about Surviving or Thriving was something she passionately wanted to do.  The topic is interviews with 6 people around the world who have been sexually abused as children and are now thriving.  It is something she is passionate about.  She is interested in making this particular topic, which is swept under the carpet, become something that people can begin talking about.  To take it out of the closet. 

Her dream is up on Kickstarter where she is hoping, like everyone in the Kickstarter community, to get people who are interested in what she is doing to make a donation towards her goal.  I just gave her a nice kick.  Hope she gets there.  If you like what Tanya is doing, give her a kick. 

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  1. TanyaMonteiro

    We did it, Phase 1 will be shot in June!T H A N K Y O U

    1. Gotham Gal

      YEAH!. That is fantastic news. You have got to be dancing in the streets.

  2. TanyaMonteiro

    And Thank you Pulizercentre for tweeting on the Documentary.