another day in paris and my feet are pounding

First thing this morning, we got up and took the Metro over to Les Deux Magots.   A classic Parisian cafe, ridiculously overpriced.  Josh had his caffeine shot of Coke Light which was about $8 for the bottle.  The wonderful half baguettes we each ordered were fantastic.  They come with bread and jam.  Oh, did I mention they charge you an extra $3 per jar of jam and don't even ask what flavor you would prefer.  Regardless, there is nothing quite like bread, butter and jam with fresh squeezed orange juice on the side to start off the day watching Parisians walk the street at the same time.  

The weather has been strange.  One minute sunny, the next raining.  We strolled back over to the art gallery Fred and I had walked into the other night.  This time, we purchased.  The pieces I liked the other night didn't really resonate with me over the past 48 hours but one painting Fred loved and still loved when we walked back in.  We bought it.  A Spanish artist, Vall Karsune. 

Josh, on the other hand, not only loved the piece Fred liked but was obsessed with the gnome giving the finger for his room.  The artist, Ottmar Horl,  had a few originals signed but then had mass produced them in plastic.  We opted for that and Josh was thrilled.  

After the weather cleared, we walked over to Muriel Grateau.  Her tabletop linens are the best.  I bought a tablecloth over 10 years ago here and it still is in good shape.  It was time for a replacement.  I got a black tablecloth and red napkins.  Everything is basic but the colors are beautiful as you can see from the picture. 

Muriel 1
This is my favorite pic of Josh and Fred waiting for me while I do the deed at Muriel Grateau.  Like father, like son.

Fred went back to the hotel to get Emily and Josh and I marched onward.  The exhibit at the Petit Palais is a retrospective of Yves Saint Laurent. The exhibit is phenomenal.  Actual pieces from all the years.  Whoever curated this show did an amazing job.  There was a black wall with all of his black designs devoted to the smoking jacket era that was breathtaking.  YSL's influence is significant today.  So many of the pieces in the exhibit were as modern today as they were in 1967.  There was one particular gown.  Red with black string lacing up the back.  The fabric was draped perfectly and the gown was strapless.  Even Josh commented on the beauty of this piece.  One room was devoted to Catherine Deneuve's closet of YSL pieces.  Another room was his office, desk and pieces he had hanging behind his desk.  On the right of this was a movie of YSL sitting at his desk just drawing at quite a young age.  Watching him draw was extraordinary to watch how his brain just churned it out.  Really incredible exhibit.

Chocolate shpo
Fred and Emily were a little behind us so Josh and I forged onward.  In the 9th, is a chocolate shop that we have been attempting to get to each time we have been in Paris.  It always seems to be closed when we are here.  Not today.  The store is called L'Etoile D'Or run by the nicest women.  The woman who owns the store is Denise Acabo.  She dons a plaid short pleated skirt, braids in her hair and is probably in her 70's.  Quite the memorable character. 

This store carries chocolate, lots of chocolate.  She has amassed chocolate from the best places around. 

Today the store was prepped for Easter.  Josh and I went a little nuts but all worth it.

We hopped back on the metro and met Fred and Emily back at the Palais Royal for a little more shopping.  By the time I got back to the hotel, my feet were killing me.  Just enough time to kick off my shoes to get ready for dinner. 

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