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The food is always delicious at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon.  It is always expensive.  It is not filled with locals.  You always sit a the bar because that is what the restaurant is made of.  A long bar that wraps throughout the restaurant.  We always feel compelled to return because it is so damn good. 

I started with the sardines.  Almost like a terrine.  Layers of sardines,roasted red peppers and mashed eggplant with chopped scallions.  Quite good and the handiwork was particularly amazing.  Jambomtomato
Josh went with the jambon that is served with the chopped tomatoes over a piece of toasted bread.  Very Spanish and if you close your eyes, you can pretend you are in Barcelona when you take a bite.  Emily had something she had there before.  Layered roasted eggplant and fresh mozzarella.  Fred had the shrimp lobster combo served with a simple sauce.  All delicious but what is truly amazing here is the attention to detail on every single plate. 

For a second course, Emily passed.  Josh had the deconstructed crab ravioli which is a signature dish.

I tried the soft shell crab tempura that sat over spicy whipped avocado mix.  Light and tasty at the same time.  Fred had a plate of smoked salmon which was neon orange and served with a pancake like crepe and creme fraiche.  Amazing.

For the main, Emily went with the classic tomato basil spaghetti that they do quite well.  Fred and I had the special.  Roasted pig.  Large pieces that cut like butter with thin slices of crispy skin over the top sitting on a foamy mustard base.  It was sublime.  On the side was a buttery mashed potatoes in a small terrine.  The choice word here is butter. 

Josh had a handful of small lamb chops. One bite per chop.

We were exhausted and full.  Home to bed and hopefully refreshed for a new day.  They do love to serve the wines by the glass out of the big bottles.  I realize that tonight was the first night of Passover.  Jessica is at school and we are in Paris.  Next year, Israel.  Although more than likely, December vacation, Israel.