Bistro de la Gare

Images Bistro de la Gare is the latest addition to the West Village neighborhood.  One of the chefs/owners behind this new restaurant basically moved around the corner from Jarnac which closed this past year after a serious long run.

The restaurant is quite simple.  Long with banquettes down the side creating seating for 2-4 and a small bar with 4 seats in the back.  There is also a large table in the back.  Unfortunately the door opens right down the middle which isn't so easy for the first few tables.

There is no doubt that Bistro de la Gare is the locals spot.  The chefs were making their away around the tables and greeting many guests as long lost friends.  A nice neighborhood vibe.  This is what I love about NYC.  Restaurants like this provide a dining room for many of the locals.  They come a few times a week or at least once a week and eat here.  It becomes their kitchen.  That is exactly who the restaurant is for because the food isn't that great. 

The menu is certainly well thought out and hits the seasons high notes, it doesn't quite make the grade.  Heavy handed.  Not an omigod on the menu.  Not even a wow this is yummy.  The pasta is so heavy it could sit in your stomach for days.  The seafood salad is mostly frisee, light on the seafood and way too lemony.  The warm mushroom salad is pretty basic.  The octopus came out a tad cold and laden with butter.  It isn't that anything tasted bad, it just is that nothing tasted that good. 

Great for the neighborhood.  There was no doubt that after the closing of Jarnac and now the opening of Bistro de la Gare alot of the locals are thrilled.  That is what makes NYC.  My guess is the Bistro will be around for a very long time and that is a very good thing. 

Keep in mind they do not have their beer and wine license yet but it is coming so BYOA.

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    Seems a pretty good place to eat great food.