First day on the slopes

We all hit up the slopes yesterday.  Typical first day.  A little altitude sickness, a little bit of soreness and a little sticker shock.  The apple and water above cost ms $8.30. 

Fred and I skied with Jim Keenan who is a local and fellow twitterer.  He is an incredible skier and a super nice guy.  Since Fred and Jim were skiing, I put on a pair of skis and came to the conclusion that I need to put a pair of ski boots even if I only strap on a pair of skis a couple days a year.  I own the boarding equipment and a good pair of boots makes all the difference in the world. 

The crew got together for lunch at Red Tail.  Red Tail has always been one of my favorite places on this mountain.  Pulled pork and smoked brisket sandwiches.  You can't go wrong.  A little music, a lot of sunshine and all seems pretty good in the world. 

After a day of skiing, we all came back to the house to chill.  Evening activity was Clue.  Tonight we are probably going to be hitting up the Monopoly board. 

The last couple of years I have mused that I am getting too old for the abuse that skiing takes on the body.  Recently I read an article about Klaus Obermeyer who still skis every day and he is 90 years old.  90!  He is my idol.