Last day skiing

Yesterday was a white out.  I am truly a fair weather skier at this point.  Hitting the slopes when snow is getting in my eyes and the light is so flat that I can't see a thing just doesn't do it for me anymore.  I did want to strap on a pair of skis yesterday but that will have to wait until next year. 

Josh and Max, the youngsters hit the slopes all day long.  Fred joined them for some tree skiing in the afternoon.  Happy boys.

We are wrapping up the vacation here.  Ordered in Chinese food last night. 

Finished off a rousing Monopoly game.  I would not attempt to cross Josh's path.  He is a meglamaniac when it comes to games.  Very competitive and calculating.  Gee, where does he get that from?

Back in NYC this evening for less than 24 hours and then off to Paris for a week.  We should be thoroughly whacked out by the time zone but nothing a few bottles of wine, some cheese and a baguette can't cure. 

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  1. kirklove

    Wuss. ; )I’ve been jealous reading of your boarding adventures this week. I was an instructor in a former life and it’s been two seasons now I haven’t gone. But, now I’m even more jealous you are heading over to Paris. Miss the food there.Not sure where you are staying, but for a good low-key time of wine, charcuterie, cheese, and locals try to check out 5é Cru in the 5th (hence the name). It’s at 7 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine. The owner’s name is Jean. There is not really a menu, just tell him to take of you and he will. He loves NY, too. Had a great night there.Enjoy. Look forward to reading about Paris and getting more jealous.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I am a wuss. Agreed. Fair weather skier…alas.Thanks for the recommendation.

    2. daryn

      I agree.I try not to be jealous of your adventures, as I’m really enjoying my own, but you’re starting to push your luck 🙂 Have a great time in Paris!

      1. Gotham Gal

        Thanks Daryn.

  2. Stacy Billanti

    I read your blog – found it through your husband’s since I’m in the start up world, but usually find yours more entertaining. Prob cause its not work! Was happy to see you were in Beaver Creek last week as I was. We went to Spago based on your rec. Actually had the tuna tartare cones, wonderful dinner. Alas, no Paris, back to work. Thanks for the great recommendation.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Glad you enjoyed it. We became house vegetables. Cooked in and lots ofwine. Not a bad way to go either.

  3. Taylor Brooks

    We got hooked on Acquire (… while in Breckenridge this January. Normally we play Monopoly, but we were looking for something new this season.It plays quicker than Monopoly and players get a little more ruthless.Check it out…

    1. Gotham Gal

      That might be nasty for Josh but will definitely check it out