Mamie’s Grill, a new addition to Beaver Creek

We all converged for lunch at Mamie's grill which is a new addition to the mountain at the top of Bachelor Gulch.  I am not a huge fan of that side of the mountain but since there was a new lunch place, we felt compelled to go.

A beautiful spot overlooking the back end of the mountain.  The concept is simple.  Buy your food.  Menu consists mostly of burgers, kabobs and dogs.  Burgers are the way to go.  You get your food uncooked and it is up to you to prepare your food to your liking.

There are 2 grills and a variety of spices to choose from.  We had fun because we were the only people who happened to be up there but if there were more, it would probably not work so well.

Conceptually great, execution not so great.  The grills are not that hot so it takes longer than anyone would like to cook their burger.  The burgers are huge, easily 2" thick.  Some of us just got impatient and ate them mostly rare, while others persevered and waited it out.  The grill only works when it is closed because the heat level is just not up to par.

Probably won't be back to that side of the mountain.  Mamie's might consider cranking up the heat or being given the option for someone else to cook your burger. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. woodgreen

    i hated that lunch place. it was the only bad thing about beaver creek.ridiculous to think those burgers would cook quickly or well. i threw mine out after several tries to get it to be edible. hideous.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Glad to get confirmation. I totally agree. Dumb idea.

  2. hudsendoughfen

    The worst part is that it is on top of Bachelor Gulch Mountain. Beaver Creak is ten times a better mountain than Bachelor Gulch. The only good thing about Mamie’s is that the beef is really top dog.