Moe’s Original BBQ

Moe bbq smoker
We picked up BBQ at Vail before heading back to dinner in Beaver Creek.  The Lion's Head area of Vail has tripled in size since I was there last.  There are a handful of new restaurants, a skating rink and new hotels.   We could smell Moe's Original BBQ just talking through the square. 

Walking into Moe's reminds me of days of yore when I hit up places like this for ours after a day on the slopes.  A total boarders haven.  Shots of Makers Mark were flowing served in small plastic containers usually reserved for ketchup and mustard at fast food restaurants.  Regardless of the down and dirty vibe, the food is the real deal.

There is a huge smoker in the back.  The smell is heavenly.  There are a variety of options from smoked chicken, smoked turkey, pulled pork, ribs, whole bird, and wings.   We narrowed down to buffalo wings ( which are made in the smoker ), ribs and a whole bird.  We have eaten a serious amount of meat this week so we thought some poultry could be the call.  Added to that was grilled corn bread, macaroni and cheese, cole slaw and banana pudding for dessert.

The bbq was fantastic.  The real deal.  Particularly loved the buffalo wings not being deep fried but smoked.  Sides were fine and the kids seemed to love the banana pudding.  The only thing missing was a bottle of Makers Mark's and shot glasses.