Seth Meyers does Buddy Media

Images-1 Last night, Buddy Media, put on a great event.  They brought all their clients together for a party which is something you just have to do every once in a while.  There are times when you go to these type of events and can hardly wait to get out of there.  Then there are times when you can just feel the buzz in the air that this is a very well done event and everyone is having a great time.  This event was absolutely the latter. 

Buddy Media essentially helps agencies and brands with the tools you need to succeed in the technological world of today.  The people behind the company are smart and this is not their first venture.  What I really love about the duo behind the company is Mike and Kass Lazerow.  Married with children, met in college and working together.  She is the management force and he is the sales.  It totally works and I love that. 

Last night, Seth Meyers performed for the crowd.  He was roommates with Michael at Northwestern and at one point he roomed with Kass and Michael.  Comedy is not easy.  Seth Meyers was fantastic.  He read the audience perfectly.  His jokes were hilarious and no surprises, geared towards social media.  But, he spoke to the audience in a way that was brilliant.  He knew when he hit the jokes and when he didn't and made fun of himself.  You can tell he is one smart guy.

To me, the best schtick of the night was when he spoke about Four Square.  Becoming mayor of Four Square has no power but more of possibly an ego thing.  If you are mayor of your local Starbucks, you should be able to make decisions.  I am the mayor so free lattes for everyone.  The way he did it was absolutely hilarious and if you use Four Square, you get it.

Congrats to Buddy Media for a really successful event.  Not easy to pull off.

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  1. rebeccastees

    I’ve been hanging my campers artwork at two Starbucks locations four times a year for seven years. Perhaps I need to log into Four Square.My alter ego is a comedian.

  2. lazerow

    Thanks for the very kind and warm review. And thanks for taking time to come to the event. I’m happy it was well worth your time!

    1. Gotham Gal

      This video is hilarious and a must watch. Thanks so much for sharing. Mademy day! I am still laughing.