Images My brother has a saying, although probably universal, “you
give what you get.”  It is simple
and states the obvious.  Time and
time again, I have been hit straight between the eyes with the simple reality
that being a parent is the hardest job ever…and it never ends.  The role certainly changes over time
but it essentially lasts forever. 
If you are a parent, you will always be a parent and that particular
role, although malleable, essentially remains the same.  It isn’t about you, it is about your

The more time I spend on the phone or bbm’ing with our
oldest daughter Jessica, it is me asking the questions and listening to
her.  She is relatively interested
in my life but essentially it is me listening about her life, her ideas, her
thoughts, her friends, etc.  Why
wouldn’t it be?  It was the
relationship that was created from the get-go.  I will always be her Mom and I will always be the person for
her to bounce ideas off of knowing that I will be positive yet honest at the
same time.  I want to hear about
everything because she is our kid. 
I adore her…I adore them all. 
I hope that I will be that person to lean on forever.  Will I find myself ever leaning on
them…not so sure about that one because the relationship we set up from the
very beginning is that we are their support system, we are there for them, we
are their rock, their foundation, their guidance.  Doesn’t mean that we don’t involve every one of them in
endless conversations about the world today or businesses that we are invested
in because we trust their opinions and observations but we are listening to
them more than they might be listening to us. 

Each kid is so different.  Different needs, different desires, different aspirations,
different personalities, different anxieties, different everything.  Going through their teenage years are
not easy.  Personally, I have put
myself in a position where I am playing in so many sandboxes these days that it
is overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time.  Regardless, all of the stuff I have going on, from moving to
businesses to everything I do is minor compared to the job as a Mom.  That takes first place and will always
take first place because their happiness, their ideas, their interests and what
they are doing, in the end, is what makes me happy.  Although certainly exhausting and at times concerning…am I
giving the right advice, am I doing the right thing, will they embrace me ten
years from now are the thoughts that frequently ramble through my brain…in the
end, it is truly one of the dearest things to my heart, and it is all about
them and probably always will be and that absolutely works for me.