Perry Street

Perry Street is a walk from my home.  I have been back a few times but have always been disappointed.  I had read that Jean-Georges son, who Jean-Georges did not want to go into the family business, did by taking over the kitchen at Perry Street.  I figured we should give it another try.  I am so glad we did, dinner last night was fantastic. 

Fred and I walked over to watch the sun set over the river.  You can't beat the location for that.  Perry Street sits at the end of Perry Street over the Westside Highway.  We grabbed two seats at the bar. 

They began the meal with an amuse bouche from the chef.  A pureed broccoli soup in a small white cup served with a creme fraiche on top.  The soup had a serious zing of chili pepper and the creme fraiche was thick.  The whole thing was delicious. 

We each had an appetizer and shared.  Sesame crusted rare tuna with a whipped emulsion on the side seasoned with a spicy Sriracha sauce.  Perfectly cooked, crispy on the outside and the sauce had the perfect zing. 

Our other dish was calamari.  Light crispy deep fried calamari served with a yuzu dipping sauce mixed with sesame seeds.  I really liked how the spices were used in every dish.  Some spicy and others with herbs.  A good combo and the right amount.  Nothing was overwhelming but the right balance.

For dinner, Fred ordered the lobster poached in butter.  Seriously rich and incredibly decadent.  The butter was seasoned with a lemongrass and kaffir limes.  On the side were a few potato stuffed ravioli.  Subtle. 

I went with the lamb chops.  Two lamb chops coated with chili spiced panko.  So good.  The side was braised peas and artichokes hearts.  A nice twist on the perfect spring dish.

The lobster put Fred over the top for having any desire for dessert which was fine with me.  My options for dinner on the fly have just opened up for not leaving the neighborhood.  A few places to eat at the bar including some couches to relaxand watch the sun set.  Simple modern setting and the food….Perry Street finally found their sweet spot.   

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