We met our friend for lunch at Torissi.  A relatively new place on Mulberry Street right off of Prince.  Been open for about six weeks.  They are now open for dinner too.  Order at the corner, grab a seat and they bring you your food.  Cash only. 

It is places like Torissi that make me love NYC even more.  The food is outrageously delicious.  If I cooked like this at home and ate like this every day, I wouldn't be able to fit through the door.  We split everything and I could have licked the plate.

Sliced turkey that has been brined for over a day in a mixture of herbs, roasted and sliced.  Wow.  Juicy, tasty and the perfect balance of herbs.  We had that with whipped ricotta and a spicy sauce.  On the side, roasted cauliflower.  Roasted to the point that the cauliflower was almost burnt with pieces of rosemary through out.  Wow.  I'm tossing rosemary in my cauliflower next time. 

The key is the sandwiches.  Soft scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, slice of cheese and red peppers in a roll.  Sloppy and incredible.  Each flavor kicked in but the combo just works.

A must have is the chicken parmigiana.  Don't remember the last time I had chicken parm but I forgot how good it can be.  Lightly fried chicken that was juicy inside coated with oozing mozzarella in a roll with a few other things mixed in. 

We also had a side of big white beans that had been made with big chunks of bacon.  The beans had probably been braised with the bacon for hours.  A caponata that had some golden raisins, eggplant, tomatoes and perhaps a hint of cinnamon.  Put that on a piece of bread and you are set for the day.

By the time we got our food, the line began.  My guess is that line will go on all the way through dinner.  What a find.  Loved that I could wash it down with a diet Dr. Browns Cream soda. 

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  1. Mo Koyfman

    skipping dinner 🙂

  2. paramendra

    At what point in the experience do you manage to take the pictures? :-)Thanks for sharing.Did you photoshop away Fred’s smartphone from the picture? 🙂 I think so. Reminds me of that Paris photo of the two dudes thumbing away.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Right before we dig in…out comes the blackberry for the pic

      1. paramendra

        You got one swell blog. Swell as in your passion shows, your passion for food, for your family of course, your love for the city. By the way, that love is shared. I love New York City.

        1. Gotham Gal

          How could you not love New York City?

          1. paramendra

            Heck. That has been my point. No place quite like NYC anywhere on earth. But then a North Carolina guy once told me, “The only thing I like about New York are the bagels!”

  3. Tanya Monteiro

    ahhh soft scrambled eggs, found that ticky to find in my time in NYC! can’t wait to try them out!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Always ask for your eggs soft…that should do the trick