a new york moment

 Years ago when I worked in the garment center, I'd go to sample sales all the time.  I ended up spending more money on things that I never wore but thought I was getting a bargain.  Over time, I became a little bit more discerning.  My reasoning was if I would buy it at full price then I should get it.  But if I never would have even looked at it before, I passed.  In the end, I stopped going to the sales because they were overwhelming and full of stuff I didn't want. 

Fast forward to yesterday.  My friend told me about a handbag sale.  Would I buy these bags at full price?  The answer is yes but no.  No because I think they are ridiculously overpriced and yes because they are beautiful but I would never pull the trigger.

So we went to the sale.  It reminded me of spending time in Loehmann's back room years and years ago.  The sale was calm and there was not a lot of merchandise.  Yet there is that feeling that everyone is cautiously looking over everyones shoulder to make sure they didn't miss something good.  Then there is the camaraderie too.  What do you think?  Does this look good?  Is it me?  Totally comical.

In the end, I stuck it out and ended up with a great purchase.  If it wasn't for my friend, I would have taken one look and walked out the door.  You must persevere in these situations.  I am glad I went but the event was a serious new york moment.