content, content, content

Images I have sort of been in a funk.  I do feel like I am slowly coming out of it.  Too many moving parts.  Too much teenage angst.  Quite frankly I am surprised that I have not developed a case of serious acne. 

I like to blog daily, at least I try.  I find myself at a loss for content today.  No musings, no recipes, no nothing.  I should get up to see a few art exhibits, I should get to a movie, I should finish the book on my table, I should try something new and different in town but I am sort of burnt. 

I am hoping for a relaxing Memorial Day weekend where I cook and bake a lot ( recipes to be posted ), read a book or two, write a few things and seriously recharge my batteries.  With 10 teenage kids in the house it should be easy…right?