COPPA Enoteca, Boston

Emily and I are in Boston for a few days doing the college trip.  We drove up last night, stopped at Coppa, put our name on the list, went to the hotel, checked in and came back to Coppa.  We walked in and they gave us two seats at the bar.  The timing was perfect.

The menu is all about sharing.  We chose 5 different items and started off our night with a glass of rose. 
First thing out was a small bowl of 5 meatballs.  Roasted in lardo and a tomato sauce.  Quite good.  Dense but fluffy at the same time.  We mopped up the bowl with a piece of nice crusty bread.

Next out was the cauliflower.  Green and white pieces of cauliflower tossed with a red pepper flakes, olive oil and sea salt.  This was definitely last on our list of what we liked.  The cauliflower was hard and not that interesting.  Now if they had roasted the cauliflower first, that would have been a totally different story. 

At this point we waited and waited and waited.  Finally our tuna came out.  Sliced tuna with a mixture of ginger and a few other seasonings on top including sliced almonds.  This was okay, not great.  The tuna should have been colder and thinner. 

We were getting frustrated at this point and finally the last two items came out.  These were the best and they were both delicious.  Wood fired pizza with tomato, mozzarella, slices of prosciutto and tossed arugula on top.  Chewy crust, thin on the bottom.  Really good. 

The pasta was also a hit.  Fresh pasta, delicious taste.  The sauce was rich but not too rich.  Pieces of chicken sausage in a red based sauce with roasted broccoli.  Yum.

The restaurant itself is adorable.  Big windows, long bar, uneven space that flows out to the street where you can grab a table too.  No reservations.  It is amazing to me how clean and dressed up the South End of Boston is.  When I went to school here, this was not a neighborhood you traveled to.  Like all urban areas around the world, the boom economies have transformed some of the seedier neighborhoods. 

It is nice to be back in Boston.