last morning in boston

we had breakfast at beacon hill hotel.  there is a nice vibe there.  think of an upscale diner turned into a bistro.  they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner but I have only been for breakfast.  particularly excellent bread. 

we were determined to find a mother's day gift for my mom and a gift for my sister who just moved before we left boston.  charles street, the main drag in beacon hill,  has become full of unique shops that newbury street once was.  the store we zeroed in on is called koo de kir.  a total find. 

this store is fantastic.  we could have bought more than we did.  i honestly reined myself in.  wonderful gifts and items for the home.  they do a great job.  little did we know that the store has been awarded the best place to register for your wedding in boston and one of the top shops for the best worlds best accessories from wallpaper magazine.  if you aren't in the boston area, check it out online.  i have bookmarked their site.

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  1. ellen

    I am happy to hear about all the places you visited in Boston. When I was younger, I went into town at least twice a week but now I haven’t gone in in a very long whileCharles Street is great. I know many people who own antique shops there. As for the restaurants we are going to make a concerted effort to visit them more often. You blog has given me a new push.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Do it!!