Synesthesia 2010, Electric Pear

Sylvan is the executive producer at Electric Pear which is an off-off Broadway
theater company.  We got to know Melanie through the New Shul. She
helped tutor our kids through the bar/bat mitzvah process.

Melanie is one of the founders of the Electric Pear. Always impressive to see people come together and create something from
scratch.  To watch people follow their passions is always inspiring.

 We have
supported Melanie’s effort over the years and last night went to see the production
Synesthesia 2010.  The play was a
series of acts that starts with a fortune cookie and circles back to the
fortune in the end.   The
telephone game for theater using a variety of mediums.  As the playbill says; the artists create in a sequence, each pieces inspires the next, work is handed off every two weeks. the sequence order is kept secret, it all starts with a fortune cookie. 

Each act
is critiqued by actors afterward generally through a video or having the
creator of that particular piece describing why they wrote what they
wrote.  Some parts were better than
others.  Conceptually an
interesting idea.

I came
away with a few thoughts.  The
first is what I said at the beginning, impressive group of actors who are
obviously following something that they care about and want to do with their
lives.  The other is that I still
have a tough time with really out there performance art.  Perhaps I am too pedestrian but I just
can’t wrap my arms around it.

Regardless, the space they use to on the performances is fantastic. A very
cool theater space on East 3rd Street between A and B.  I am happy to see that Melanie
has found her sweet spot.  Most important is that theater groups
like Electric Pear is what makes art interesting and adds huge value to the
life we live in NYC. 

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