doing what you love

Today I got an amazing gift.  Wendy, who is an avid reader of this blog, is a Jamster.  She sent me a bunch of recently made jams.  Peach Habanero, Spicy Mango, Black Forest Jam, Cherry Pinot Grigio, Peach Lavender, Raspberry Pepper Jam, Strawberry Balsamic and Apricot Vanilla.  Wendy began making jams a few years ago and the world of Sunchowder's Emporia was created.  The jams and chutneys are amazing.  The packaging is beautiful.  She should seriously write a cookbook with all her creations.  

First off, I love that I actually have avid readers.  Second, I love that Wendy had a career shift in life and found herself living in Florida and following a passion.  Life is never a straight path. 

Wendy recently started a blog which I am going to add to my blog roll.  I highly recommend going to her site and picking up a few goodies for yourself.