fancy food show

This is my second year attending the fancy food show.  It is some show.  There are booths of food from all over the world.  Chile, Scotland, Thailand, Italy, France, Canada, Greece and more.  In the US section, they break the areas down by state.  Ricks Picks was in New York. 

What is overwhelming is all the food.  Large companies that represent a variety of options.  Smaller companies that are just starting out.  Companies that carry only one cheese and others that carry 20.  Companies that are geared towards the high end of the market and ones that are geared towards the lower end of the market.  It is the place to figure out your inventory. 

Rick is introducing the Spicy Pickle called Hotties, sure to be a winner, at the show.  The booth was seriously packed and the response was fantastic. 

I only stayed a few hours this year after hanging in the booth and then walking the show.  A few hours wiped me out.  There was nothing that screamed out trend but the one thing that was clear is how the industry is changing and growing. 

These are a few products I liked that are starting to break out.  Ricks Picks, of course.  There is also Effie's which I have written about before.  New packaging that looked great and a new cracker.  Each cracker is so good and a little cheese on top goes a long way.

I also liked Castleton Crackers.  Really nice, tasty and a good crunch.  The owner is the woman with her eyes shut.  Sorry about that picture.

Also I really liked the products from Maya Kaimal.  They were honestly as good as home made and the spicy ketchup is a must for the refrigerator.  Heat one of the curry's up and serve over rice and dinner is ready.

The last one was Fat Toad Farm which sold delicious caramel sauces that would be quite tasty over ice cream.

I will be back next year.  It is really quite the event.