lobster rolls

Josh went with his friend and his parents over to Greenpoint last week to pick up some lobster rolls from the Lobstah Pushah.  It is worth watching the video.  This guy in Greenpoint makes lobster rolls in a little kitchen.  You text him, he makes you up a fresh lobster roll and then he hands it off to you at the pre-determined destination to make the transaction.  It is like a drug deal. Josh said the roll was so good that when they drove back into Manhattan after crossing over the Williamsburg Bridge, he didn't even know that they were back in Manhattan because he was so enjoying his roll.  He described the roll so beautifully that I have had a hankering for the perfect lobster roll since.

Last weekend I had a lobster roll at Clam Bar.  It was good but not great.  I bought a ridiculously expensive lobster salad from the local fishmonger which was pretty good but I vowed I could make better.  I had a lobster roll at Citi Field which was good but again not great.  This weekend I was determined to make a good lobster roll.

The only problem with the one I made is I should have made more.  You really should do one lobster per roll.  Think a one and a half pound lobster per sandwich.  Sounds like a lot but it is actually perfect.  I pulled out the hot meat and tossed it with chopped celery, a dash of Old Bay seasoning, some salt and just enough mayonnaise to bind the salad. Bread is key here too.  In a pan, I melted some butter and put the buns (potato hot dog buns) in with the inside down and let them get a little bit browned and soak up the butter.  Add the lobster salad and serve.  Not a cheap but lunch but so good.  I might have to make them again tomorrow.