Red Hook Mercado

I have had a hankering to get out to Red Hook to see the Mercado and the ball fields.  Wasn't exactly as I had expected but am glad we went.  Josh and Jess joined me in the activity.  Jessica did the best job of summing the whole place up.  There are the locals mixing with the foodies who read about the food stands on Eater and Grub Street.  As Josh said it's a bit ghetto but cool. 

The Mercado is located in an area of Red Hook where there are few new restaurants and stores cropping up.  Down the street is Ikea and a Whole Foods.  There are some huge pieces of property out there just screaming for development.  Well, at least they were screaming a few years ago. 

There were four different places to get food at the Mercado, that's it.  All the vendors are expanding their wares from the ballfields down the street.  At Soler Pupusas we got one pupusas which is a thick corn tortilla stuffed with spinach and cheese served with some cabbage and a spicy red sauce.  The tortilla comes with a variety of different stuffings but we opted for the spinach. Tasty, light and just good.  To wash it down we had a cold glass of strawberry lemonade.

Next to Soler Pupusas is Country Boys tacos.  We did the triple.  3 different open faced tacos with pork, chicken and shrimp.  Really tasty and seriously spicy.  Take it easy on the different sauces.  Mild to them was spicy to us.  We washed this down with a Hibiscus drink.  Really good tastes like a sweet cranberry juice.

After we left, we drove over to the ball fields to check it out.  The lines are quite long at all of the vendors while the local ball game is taking place.  There are a variety of people having picnics too.  It is quite the scene.

We then drove over to the Heights where we lived many years ago.  It was a fun outing.  We gotta get out more.