save the sim card

Images-1 Last night I tossed my shorts in the washing machine completely spaced out that my cell phone was in my front pocket.  I realized my mistake after I went downstairs to watch the US Open.  When it hit me, I flew upstairs and canceled the wash.  Waited for the water to drain, grabbed my phone, turned the machine back on and ran to the kitchen.  I grabbed the jar filled with rice and shoved the cell phone in it and closed the top.  I left the phone there over night. 

This morning Fred took out the phone and deemed it saved.  Well, it was but it wasn't.  The ball wouldn't move and I was stuck in BBM and couldn't drill down on email.  Regardless, it appeared to be working but the one thing I did which was smart was I saved the sim card with the rice. 

I bought a new phone today which is going to force me to get off Entourage ( which sucks ) and will be up on email again on the cell in a day or so. 

Alas.  Shit happens but keep the rice in mind.  It works!