a day in montepulciano and back to the villa

Fred, Josh and I got up in the morning and took a short ride
to Montepulciano to explore.  A
classic Tuscan town.  On a hill
with a few stores and a few restaurants with architecture dating back hundreds
of years ago.  To me, this is the perfect sized Tuscan town.


Up the hill
Parking is generally in the lower areas of town because up
town, no cars allowed or just reserved for those who live there so we walked up the stairs.


We ambled through town.  Fred tried on a motor cycle helmut.


We walked into the church. 


We walked up to the top of the church and admired the
views.  We sat in a piazza and had
a few drinks.


We walked over to lunch and admired the musicians.


We lunched at Palacchio Caffe that has a small balcony.  The views from where we sat were
amazing.  A local bottle of white
wine, 11 euros and the tuna salad for everyone. 

An excellent salad.


Yellow shoes
Then back to our car. 
The stores were still closed but this particular store was not.  Shoes outside, all in yellow.  You pick the leather that you’d like it
made out of.  The mens shoes were
much cooler than the womens and I loved the concept. 


On the way back to the villa, we stopped for gelato.  Fred, as always, has pistachio and Josh
seems to be into vanilla these days.


Back for a little pool and cards.

Campari and kindle
A little campari and soda and my kindle.  Life is pretty damn