another day in london

Emily took off for her first class at Central St. Martins
today.  Josh is actually taking a 3
day cooking class tomorrow so today we did our thing today.  He wanted to hit up a few stores. 

We went to our favorites in the neighborhood.  Started at Acne. 
One of the best brands to come along in the last couple of years.  If you are in Stockholm, go crazy.  It is so much cheaper there. 



Next stop, 
Dover Street Market.  Love
this store.  Commes de Garcon’s
favorite labels and then of course themselves.  We were a hungry so we sat upstairs at the Rose Bakery and
had a small lunch.  I went with the
vegetable platter which was really good and light.

Josh had the caramelized onion and goat cheese quiche with a
green salad on the side.  Also
really tasty.  Then we scoured the
store.  The basement is the only
area of the store I had never been to. 
All men downstairs and the mostly casual brands.  Josh got a few things and I got one thing upstairs.  I wish they would open up a replica of
this store in NYC.  I love it.

 Then over to B Store which is one of the few small stores
left in London.  They sell their
line to Opening Ceremony, shoes and clothes.  The two guys that own it couldn’t be nicer and hipper.  Josh found nothing.  The clothes are definitely geared
towards the trendy lithe hipster male. 
Regardless it is a store to visit when in London.


We walked over to the tube and went to Somerset House.  A place geared towards the arts and
fashion.  Stopped into Tom's deli and had a diet coke and a cookie.  The deli is part of the growing empire of Tom Aikens.  Cute room with a variety of small sandwiches and cookies.  Well done.  The windows look outside into the middle of Somerset House where water pumps upward and people are running through it.  Nice spot. 

Right now there is a
retrospective of Martin Margiela’s last 20 years.  It is really well done.   From the tag to the clothes to the stores to the
shows.  Good show with a glass
steel stair case in the middle to take you to the next level.  It is always fun to go back and see the concepts from years ago. Josh preferred the YSL exhibit in Paris
believing his designs will have live on forever.  He could be right. 

 Decided to go home and relax.  The problem is, it isn’t that relaxing.  In my mind, I saw this summer as a time
to kick back and relax.  Perhaps I
wasn’t thinking clearly.  I am
still the one making the dinner reservations, booking some theater, coming up
with the plans.  I kind of thought
we could wing it.  I should know
better.  You can’t wing shit in a
big city.  So tomorrow, I am going
to take out a calendar, figure out the dinners, figure out the events and check
it off my list.  Hopefully then, I
can stop thinking. 

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