back to rome

We so loved the town of Cetona that we returned for a cup of coffee before heading back to Rome this morning. 

The weekly market was going on.  We had our 3 coffees and a croissant. 

Sat there and relaxed for a little bit.

I checked out the stands.  The moving cheese market.

The fruits and veggies.

But most important, the porchetta truck.  The porchetta was big and beautiful.  The local grandmas were laughing at me and Josh because we got so excited about the porchetta.  They were buying their share too.

They also had prosciutto, salamis and cheese.

We had to have a taste of the porchetta.  I got a few slices.  We all took a bite and said the same thing, "omigod this is unbelievable".  A few bites is all we needed at 930 in the morning.

We considered stopping in Orvieta but decided we had done a few hill towns over the past few days and were done.  Off to Rome. Once we got to Rome, we had to navigate the streets to get to our hotel and drop off our bags.  Then navigate the streets back to Avis to drop off our car.  In Rome, the pedestrians rule the road.  Some of the small streets are not so easy to drive around on.  We made it.

Then we strolled over to Recafe.  I had the tuna salad. 

The boys had pizza.  They do a fine pizza at Recafe.  Wood burning oven on site.

Then back to the hotel to finally get our beloved wifi.  We have been without wifi for three plus days.  Our friends had no idea if the villa had wifi or not which made me laugh.  It is the first question I ask, the second is do you have air conditioning.   Wasn't such a big deal to be off wifi, at least our phones worked but I have finally caught up on the posts. 

Emily comes in tomorrow.  We will spend another day in Rome and then off to our next destination.