Emily is here

Emily came in this morning.  When she got to the hotel, she showered and off we went.  We began the day at Sant'Eustachio Il Caffe for coffee, fresh orange juice and a few pastries.  Standard fare.  Located in a small piazza near Piazza Navona so you can stand inside, sit inside or sit outside.  We opted for al fresco.  This cafe boasts to have the best coffee in Rome.  

Emily wanted to check out one of the markets this morning.  There are a few we could have gone to but Sunday many are closed.  We definitely chose the wrong one and probably should have passed on this outing.  The second we pulled up, I knew we had been there before.  Located at Porte Portese, around Testevere, is a huge endless flea market.  Booths of booths of cheap junk.  At this time of the year, the place is loaded with tourists.  In the winter, when we went last time, there are lots of gypsies.  Not the safest haven.  

We were sweating so we found a local cafe and had the first Coke light of the day.  There is something about Europe where we always have to have our Coke lights for a little pick me up at one point of the day.  I rarely drink this at home so not sure why I found it necessary to drink here but I do.  We decided to make our way back to Piazza Navona and go to Cul de Sac for lunch.  Fred and I have already been once but it is so good and the kids remember it and love it.

As we are walking through the Piazza and we bump into Jessica's friend from college and her family.  Out of all the places we could have been at that particular time, there they are.  It was nice to see her.  Josh and Em adore her, and so nice to meet the family.  They have been on a 10 day trip starting in Paris then to Tuscany and last stop Rome.  Very nice. 

Cul de Sac was delicious.  Keep in mind the staff is not the most friendly or attentive but they get the job done.  The tuna with green beans and cherry tomatoes is top and needed to have it again. 

We all split the summer ravioli.  Ricotta flavored with orange and lemon stuffed inside large ravioli's covered with butter, olive oil, crushed nuts and Parmesan.  Divine.  The citrus really worked particularly in the heat of the summer.

Lunch was light and we have not been going for the daily gelato so we went today.  We went to Giolitti which is an old time large gelato cafe.  Remember to buy your tickets before getting in line.  Otherwise you have to start at square one.  We each got a small where you get two flavors.  I went for lemon and pistachio. 

At this point, the heat is terrible.  Time for a little rest and relaxation in a cold room while we contemplate dinner and World Cup action. 

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