Il Tempio Del Gusto, chef Chiuso il Giovedi

This was one of those special meals. Our friend had taken a cooking class in Spoleto at Il Tempio Del Gusto two years in a row and for his birthday, we all returned to Spoleto for a special dinner.

The long table was set up behind the restaurant in a square. It is one of those times when you walk around the corner and see this beautifully set table and think to yourself, is that for us? The answer was yes.

Fried veggies

And so the food began. We started with a mixture of deep fried vegetables. A light crispy coating over eggplant, zucchini blossoms and pieces of zucchini.

Next course out was small pieces of intense Parmesan over a small spoon filled with honey then drizzled with the house made balsamic vinegar was pretty damn good.

Cheese plate
There were a few kids who don’t partake in anything that is remotely interesting, that would not be Josh, and so they brought out a small cheese platter for them. Mozzarella, ricotta, a hard goat and a soft boat with a spoonful of honey on the side. Funny enough, that was too fancy for those kids.

The soup was an interesting pairing of flavors. W
Melon soup
e ate it with a fork. In the bottom of the bowl was a yellow melon soup which was light, and perfect for the heat. An Italian gazpacho. Over the soup was a piece of crispy thin toast and layered over that was a slice of mozzarella, a slice of tomato, a few slices of figs (no skin) a piece of prosciutto and tiny sliced black olives. Loved the soup but found there was almost too much going on in the bowl.

Pasta and tom
Next out was the first of two pasta courses. You have to love that in Italy you get not one but two pasta courses. The first was pasta that was a bit thicker than spaghetti mixed with a roasted tomato sauce with dill and maybe a bit of cumin. An interesting flavor.

Next was the ravioli stuffed with fresh ricotta served with ample butter and a truffle sauce.

Then of course, came the truffles that were shaved over the top as much as you liked. I really liked this particular pasta. Simple and elegant at the same time.

Our meat course was Guinea fowl. Big in this area. 
Guinea fowl stuffed with cooked egg yolks and green olives. On the side was large piece of potato and some roasted zucchini with a truffle sauce on the plate.

Of course, there was the cake. Beautiful. Cream and jam filled with chocolate writing and freshly cut fruit on top.

God forbid, that was the end and a plate of cookies came out. Small chocolate rolls with tiny pieces of walnuts and a hint of coconut, biscotti and the most incredible meringue cookies that probably just came out of the oven.


There was coffee. Love the spoon.

There was Vin Santo too.


I went in to the kitchen to take a look and take a picture of the chef. He couldn’t have been cuter. The meal was simple and good. Nothing was an omigod although that is such a rare thing for me, but I was so impressed with his master of each technique. Each dish was beautiful, every dish was made to perfection.

We looked at some photos of our friends who had come years before learning how to butcher a whole pig. I am thinking Spoleto might have to be in some future plans.

The only drag was the villa our friends rented was 2 hours away. Getting in the car again after the long drive there, the food, the heat and the wine was painful.