josh is number one

I am starting to drill down and get ready to check out of town.  Mostly trying to meet with everyone that I work with and see a few friends.  At noon today, I got a text from Josh.  All of his pals have left town at this point.  The text says "i want to do something with you today, is there something at a museum worth seeing"?  When your son says I want to hang with you and maybe we can go see something at a museum you drop everything and run. 

We got together at around 2pm and off we went.  First stop, the MET.  Although Josh mentioned that the MOMA is his favorite, I really wanted to see a few exhibits at the MET so off we went.  There were 3 exhibits we went to.  I find you have to focus at the MET.  It is so large, so overwhelming.  I need to know exactly what we came to do and then quickly find the exit.  

We saw the New York photos of Leon Levinstein, Hipsters, Hustlers and Handball Players.  Just a glimpse of people on the street in the 1970's.  You can imagine him just walking around town seeing the city through his eyes and snapping a photo.  I really liked it and the exhibit is small.  We then went over to American Woman: Fashioning a National Identify which is well done but almost too small.  This particular exhibit could have been huge.  The exhibit is about eras of women starting in the 1800's explaining the mind set, the history and what women wore.  Then of course, the clothes and designers on mannequins.  It is always amazing to see clothes over 100 years old that are so elegant yet timeless.  There were a few evening gowns that might have been a century old but I could wear them to an event today.  Last of all, we checked out the roof.  A bamboo structure that could be a childhood dream if they let anyone climb it.  It is worth going to check it out.  Also, if you have never been to the roof, seeing the east, seeing the west, seeing the south and seeing the northern views of the city  are spectacular. 

Next stop, a movie, back downtown.  We went to see Cyrus.  It is god awful. Unbelievably boring and just not that good.  Don't waste your time. 

Josh was starving after the movie so we wandering over to Union Square Cafe and grabbed a seat at the bar.  I do love sitting there.  Somethings were better than others.  The crispy calamari with a rich anchovy dip is really good. 

The latest thing on the menu, chunks of raw salmon over a pureed avocado based gazpacho and thinly sliced cucumbers and a dollop of creme fraiche over the top was quite good and very summery. 

Josh had the chicken which is always good and had been on the menu forever.

I went with the soft shell crabs served with spinach and artichokes which just was okay. 

We walked over to Barnes and Noble to pick up Josh a few summer books (Catch in the Rye and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay) and then sat in Union Square Park attempting to finish today's crossword.  Fred was golfing and going to Gotham Bar and Grill for dins with his crew.  Josh and I walked over to have a drink with the group before their dinner and then home. 

All and all, couldn't have been a better way to spend my day. 

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