Kings Road

After my exhausting morning dealing with Swiss Post and the British Post, we finally got out of the apartment.  We grabbed the bus which took us directly into Sloan Square and down Kings Road.  We got off at Bluebird. 

Bluebird is a bit of a concept store.  Mostly clothes, a few cafes and some home items.  Large open space.   We had lunch at the cafe.  The store reminds me a bit of Merci in Paris blended together with Corso Como in Milan.  

Stopped in their food shop.  At this point everyone has one.

Walked across the street to a cupcake store.  I believe the store is called Love Cupcakes.  We all split the one with rhubarb cream.  Excellent.  That is Josh's thumb in the corner.

Love the tiny cup cakes.  Photo by Emily.

Rocco chocolates
Next door was a chocolate store called Rocco.  Smelled exquisite in there but believe it or not I wasn't in the chocolate mood.

We took the bus back, riding on top, to Sloan Square to walk through the Saatchi Gallery.  All art from young artists.  Who knows where any of them will be in 10 years.  It is truly genius what Saatchi has done.  Collecting young artists before they even get out of the box based on what he likes.  Don't we all wish we could do that?

Sat baloon
This piece was hanging outside the museum door.  We all loved it.

Sat amps
A room of amps with music was by the artist John Wynne.

A row of head sculptures by Jonathan Baldock. 

It Happened in the Corner by Littlewhitehead.  I could have sworn they moved.

Two pieces by Hurvin Anderson.  And there were more. 

Hurvin Anderson is really good.  I really like his work. 

Back home for a little rest and relaxation, a run through the park and out later. 

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