We talked about going to Basel and in the end we went to Luzern.  It came down to a woman who lived in Zurich for two years and she said to me that Basel is all about the art fair.  Luzern is definitely a bit touristy but the lake is beautiful.

The thing to do in Luzern is take a boat over to another area, take the tram up the mountain and then take the cable car back down on the other side.  This is called the Golden Round trip.  I would have done it but Fred had no interest.  When I was in college, I traveled to Luzern and took the tram up to the top to ski for a day.  I do remember it being beautiful. 

Covered bridge
In Luzern there is an old covered bridge which is cool.

The other walking bridge is right next to it which is modern and quite beautiful too.

I love how bicycles are equal to the cars.  On the left are the cars, the bike path is highlighted clearly and there is a huge area for bicycles to park on the right.  

More dogs in this town than Zurich.

There is chocolate everywhere you turn here.

We had lunch in a beer hall.  Sausages and kraut.

Sausages with fries.

I love how they package the mustard.

The lake against the alps is really breathtaking. 

We came back to Zurich after lunch.  We grabbed the tram and went back to our hotel. 

This will be my last post from Switzerland.  Here are a few observations.  I am blown away that the tram is based on an honor system.  Nobody every checked for our tickets (one day pass) or anyone's tickets.  In NYC, that would never fly. The train system is pretty incredible too.  No reason to drive from town to town. 

It is pristine here.  You can fish in the lakes.  See the rocks at the bottom of the lake.  The people are not that warm but they are trying very hard to be.  It is outrageously expensive.  More expensive than NYC, hands down and I think even more expensive than London.  The food is not very good although they try.  The best thing was the bratwurst down by the lake. I would love to come back and ski the alps, see another side of Switzerland.  It is an interesting country.  The banks, the neutrality, the history of hiding anything etc.  Trying to figure out how they are going to be part of the European community is probably not easy since they are still separate.  Bottom line,  it is absolutely gorgeous here. 

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  1. skysurfer172

    Switzerland is one of my “retire-to” countries (yes, I have a small list with about 5 places picked so far. Is that weird? I have, like, 25 years of work left!!).Fantastic pictures of food and scenery, enjoy the rest of your trip.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks. Save up for your retirement. Super expensive!

  2. William Mougayar

    Chocolate and mustard! My favorites. I want one of those mustard tubes,-although the French would probably flip at the idea. The chocolate slabs pic is amazing.

    1. Gotham Gal

      The tubes are really great. Smart packaging