More on Sloan Square

We went to see Sucker Punch last night at the Royal Court Theater.  A 90 minute, no intermission play.  We got there a little early and had a drink in the basement where there is a bar and a restaurant. 

The play takes place in the 1980's.  Two friends who go very separate ways, become boxers, fight each other and come to terms with who they are.  Or do they?  The play is really about racism with boxing just being the center of the story, no pun intended.  The anger between whites and blacks in England during the Thatcher years was tension filled.  Although both boxers are winners, they are both losers as they still depend on someone else to be who they are.  How both men react to the racism on the street turning to boxing as a way out and find that racism still exists everywhere.  The physical acting every night must be grueling.  A really interesting play.  Well done.

After leaving the play we walked down Kings Road to Cadogan Arms.  A gastropub.  Great old farm feeling with antlers on the walls and pictures of fish.  Pool tables upstairs.  The beer here is so good.

Emily and I each had for the first course goat cheese and heirloom tomatoes stuffed in a pie crust cylinder.  They called it goat cheese fondue.  A handful of arugula on the side.  In England arugula is called rocket.  Excellent dish. 

Josh went with the cup of prawns and Fred had parsley and razor clams stuffed into squid.  Not as good as the goat cheese.  

Main courses.  Josh went with the classic fish and chips.  Really well done.  Light and crispy.

Fred had the plaice.  The white fish of choice in England.  Good not great.

Emily and I split the whole roasted chicken.  Fantastic.  Under the skin was a bit of a stuffing.  Couldn't figure out exactly what it was but the chicken was juicy and delicious. 

For dessert Em ordered the chocolate ice cream and cake pudding.  Everything is pudding here.  Heavy duty chocolate.  One bite is all Josh and I needed.  Emily and Fred devoured it.

Home to bed…a really good night.