Pearl Liang

Last night we opted for Chinese food.  In need of something a little different.  I used to eat Chinese often, as a kid, in college and even in the post-college years but at one point I stopped.  It is rare that I eat Chinese food and always feel it tastes better going down.  On occasion I make it at home which makes for lots of chopping.  We chose Pearl Liang after reading a few blogs. 

Located behind Victoria Station in a new shiny apartment complex.  There is also one commercial building too.  It is a strange area.  Kind of reminded me of the area outside of Tribeca where the movie theater is.  Through the area is a dirty canal where boats sit that appear to be rented out for events. 

When we sat down, a huge group of men came in and took the back room.  I would have liked to have eaten what they were having.  At one point an entire barbecued pig passed our table into their room.  Looked awesome.

We began with half a peking duck.  Really well done.  Not greasy at all.  The pancakes were so thin that I can't imagine how they didn't rip. 

Pan fried pork dumplings.

Vegetable spring roll.  Didn't need this too but Josh had to have it. 

Sweet and sour chicken.  Not my thing but I went with the flow.

Crispy barbecued pork.  Well done, a little dry but dipped into a little hoisin, it worked.

Supposedly Pearl Liang has an incredible dim sum.  Not sure it is top on my list but Chinese is abundant in London.  Some good, some not.  Dinner was good, nothing greasy and the place was packed.  Service wasn't the best but they were overwhelmed by the party in the back room.  Nice call. 

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  1. Rita

    Isn’t this restaurant behind Paddington station?

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. Ian

    It’s behind Paddington station, not Victoria.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Correct. My bad