returning to rome

there is nothing quite like returning to a town you know when there is more to explore and old things to revisit.  this time around, i certainly do not feel the need to see the classic rome tourist spots which in many ways, makes rome, for me, more fun.  i will say, if you do plan on going to rome and taking it all in, 5 days is perfect and try to go in october or even the winter.  it doesn't get that cold here and the city is bustling.  being here in early july is killer.  it is terribly hot and the city is quiet. 

we got into town and dropped off our stuff at the hotel.  i usually rent a room the night we are flying so when we get in at 7am, the room is available to do whatever we want.  a luxury, yes, but a nice one.  we have a car so we drove into town from the airport and had to put the car in a garage after dropping our stuff off so we didn't linger at the hotel.  there is a parking garage underneath the borghese gardens.  we dropped off the car there and then we started to walk.

Spanish steps
it is incredible how the sites, smells and knowledge of where you are all comes back.  we strolled over to the spanish steps and to a small cafe for a coffee. 

we made like the europeans and stood up having our coffee and pastry for breakfast.  i am seriously sweating at this point and it was almost too hot to sit.  we then made our way to a few shops.  shockingly enough, fred was the one with the purchases today.  although i did stop by the glove store i know of that looks directly up at the spanish steps and purchased a few pair for me and the girls. 

we jumped in a cab and went over to campo de fiori to walk around the open air market.  there is nothing like a market to get a feel for a city.  this particular market has everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to homemade honey, jams and sauces.

we then made our way over to our favorite pizza place, antico forno, right behind the market.  the pizza is not only amazing so are the pastries and food.  completely 21st century inside with touches of all the old from the past inside.

Pizza oven
the pizza oven is brilliant.  long pieces of bread that are cooked first, then the topping goes on after and baked again.  creating a thin crispy crust with gooey toppings.  just like i remembered.

we then wandered into the parthenon.  one of the all time amazing buildings in the world.  i love how the sun comes streaming through the top to create this wonderful glow at any time of the day or night.  then we stopped at degli effetti.  located in a small square.  a womans store on one side and a mens on the other.  we continued to walk back to the hotel stopping at tad's on the way home.  tad's is a concept shop similar to a barneys, colette or merci.  the only issue with tad's is that there is no air conditioning.  my desire to try on anything or shop in a store that is probably hovering around 90 degrees is basically nil. 

back to the hotel for a little siesta.  one of vacations biggest pleasures.