saturday in london

We got up and walked over to the Serpentine Bar and Restaurant in Hyde Park.  Sat outside overlooking the boats on the water.  There was a triathlon going on in the park all weekend.  Just like any large city park, lots happening. 

You have to be strategic at the restaurant.  Seat yourself.  We finally managed to snag a table.  Outside you place your order at the Gin Cart and eventually lunch shows.

The pizzas were top.  Salad with strawberries, gooseberries, figs, smoked duck, greens, and balsamic vinegar was quite good too.

It was very relaxing.

Continued on to the Serpentine Gallery that does a large installation in the park every summer.  This summer, the installation is a pavilion by Jean Nouvel.  It was cool but looked to me more like an interesting structure to have lunch under.

Ping pong was going on in various locations around the city this weekend.  There were a few tables set up outside.

We continued to walk back to Harvey Nichols marketplace where Josh picked up the makings for dinner on Sunday night.  Love the constant moving sushi bar.

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