sunday as it should be

Sunday is about taking it easy and so we did.  We got up and caught the last half hour of breakfast being served at The Wolsely.

Scrambled eggs, very soft, for me.

Bagel, lox and cream cheese for Josh.

English breakfast for Fred.  The girls were sleeping, of course.

If you have never experienced Speakers Corner in Hyde Park on Sunday mornings, it is worth going once.  Alive and well since 1862 when people were allowed the "right to speak". I have not been back since my college years but I thought Josh would enjoy it.  He did.  There were three speakers this morning.  Speaker one is above.

Speaker two.

Speaker three.

We attempted to get Fred some golf clothes for his outing tomorrow.  I also took both Josh and Fred to see the Summer Exhibit at the Royal Academy.  Josh wanted to buy more art than I already purchased.  No surprises there. 

Dinner was at home.  Josh made mushroom, shallot and jack cheese stuffed chicken breasts.  Recipe he made up in his head. Pretty damn good. 

For dessert, a chocolate mousse Josh whipped by hand.  Totally surprised that he made this too. Quite impressive and oh so good.

Mellow Sunday….just how I like them.