Tempio de Iside is on the other side of the Coliseum.  Not a neighborhood that is frequented by tourists.  We might have been the only tourists in the place.  The rest of the tables appeared to be filled with locals as the owner came around the spoke to many of them giving them big pats on the back. 

This particular restaurant is all about fish.  It reminded me of some of the Italian restaurants in New York City where they have a menu but nobody orders off of it.  The wait staff tells you what is available or what they can make this particular day.  We basically told the woman who waited on us to bring us crudo to start and some type of fish for dinner.  So, she did. 

First out were circular shaped appetizers with chopped tuna on top and a small dab of pesto over that and mashed potatoes on the bottom.  Red onions were for sprinkling over the top.  Fred thought the potato overtook the tuna.  It did a little bit but all and all it was really good and visually well done.  In the middle of the plate were thinly sliced raw octopus that had been marinated in olive oil and a little lemon juice.  Excellent.  I particularly loved the plates.  Big white serving dishes that slightly dip in the middle.  Josh was right when he said I need to get some of those plates.  Unfortunately no markings on the bottom so I couldn't figure out where to get them.

I rarely post about wine but this particular bottle was excellent.  I really believe one of the keys to a good dinner is a good bottle of wine that is from the region where the food is from.  In Tuscany, drink Tuscan wines.  In Rome, if you are eating fish, drinks Sardinian wines.  This wine was so layered.  It tasted like the sea.  Perfect with fish. 

Our next crudo was thinly sliced white fish with plenty of olive oil and tiny red pepper corn. Fresh and flavorful.  

Out came a small plate of six oysters and six clams.  In general, I don't love clams but these were so sweet and good.  The oysters were big and briny.  Incredible.

For the main course we shared a roasted sea bass that had been covered with browned breadcrumbs and currants.  We were all surprised that she didn't bring out any vegetables but that was fine.  The heat here is so overwhelming and we were sitting outside.  No air-conditioning inside.  The heat makes it hard to eat too much.

We ordered one dessert to split.  A chocolate torte that oozed when we broke into it.  One of the better desserts we have had in Italy. 

Grabbed a cab home and off to bed.