Wrap up before the road trip

We are nearing the end of this trip.  I could easily leave tomorrow but the reason we are here in the first place is Emily is taking classes at Central St. Martins.  Her class ends next Friday afternoon and we leave on Sunday.  I figured I would give her one day to do last minute things before bolting out of town.  I didn't think it would become a family vacation.  Next week, the gang is all here.  Tomorrow, Fred, Josh and I depart for a side trip to Normandy.  We are staying in Deauville.

Josh is slowly losing it and quite frankly I don't blame him.  Luckily, Josh and Fred did a day of golf on Thursday which unfortunately made Josh crave even more activity.  We do run almost daily in Green Park but it isn't the same thing.  I can't shoot hoops.

 Emily and I spent the day hitting up a few stores on Thursday while the boys played golf.  First stop Selfridge's.  The store is so frenetic.  The food halls are crazy.  No pictures which I will never understand why.  We had lunch at the salad place called chop'd.  Think someone saw that in NYC and knocked it off?  Duh. 

We walked over to Brown's which is a great boutique with both the classic lines and new designer lines.  I have yet to come across anything that I can't get in NYC in any of these stores.  Alas.  Acne in NYC doesn't do a great job but I have found their stores overseas are great.  Not sure why.  Otherwise, nothing unique.  Highlight of the day was shopping with Posh and David Beckham at Acne.  Serious sighting.

 Emily took off for Amsterdam with her friend and her Mom Friday morning and had dinner with them on Thursday night leaving the three of us alone.  We went to Ikeda.  Excellent Japanese food.  Fred ordered a bottle of sake and they gave him the entire bottle with one glass.  Kind of strange.  Had to wave someone down for another glass.  We tried a braised pork belly in sake and soy sauce with mustard and spinach on the side among other things.  So good.

 Josh and I went for the chirasi.  Raw fish over rice.    Perfect.  Green tea ice cream with red beans for dessert.  Yum.

 Today, we got up late.  Fred had a board meeting and Josh and I went over to South London for lunch.  Up to Oxo tower.  An area of London that was definitely planned to create an economy.  Lots of stores in a plaza surrounding Oxo Tower.  The views at Oxo Tower were great.  Modern architecture.  Pleasantly surprised by the food.  We split three things.  Mozzarella, caponata, pesto, grilled crispy piece of bread and a few sun-dried tomatoes.  The caponata was delicious.  We even took the time to figure out what exactly was in it.

 Grilled squid with a brush of black ink, two slices of chorizo and a mango aioli.  Nice.

 Half a small chicken with perfectly grilled corn bread, a small cup of barbecue sauce and a asian tasting cole slaw.  The chicken was perfect.  Juicy with a hint of cajun spices.

 Nice views.

We left and opted for the movies.  The movies might be what get us through next week.  Looking at the schedules now.  Thinking of seeing a movie a day.  The next movie playing when we finally got to Leicester Square was the A-Team.  At this point, I didn't care, just wanted to see something.  I really liked it.  Laugh out loud, totally stupid.  Josh and I had a blast.

Home for a little rest before our run.  Still talking about our favorite lines.  That is always a good thing. 

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  1. johndodds

    Why are you ready to leave? Is it simply the length of absence from home or do you find London to be broken or is it something else? Would be really interested to know.