and back to London

Before leaving this morning we stopped at the local market in Deauville to grab a few things for the train.  Too bad it was pouring yesterday morning because I could have done some serious damage here.  All the food was so beautiful.  I didn't even have time to contemplate buying jellies and such or even baskets.  Probably a good thing.  

Market berries
 The strawberries and tomatoes hit me the minute I walked in.  

Market cheese
 Cheese galore.

Market jars
Canned products

 Beautiful flowers

Market cookies italian
 Italian cookies

 Fresh pasta

Market pancakes
 Peppery savory crepes

I picked up some prosciutto, ham, cheese and two baguettes.  Also some local yogurt and fresh raspberries.  All delicious.  I could have spent a few hours here.  Alas.

Grabbed the train which is one of the most amazing things about Europe.  Left Deauville and was in Paris in two hours and then two hours later in London.  Can't beat it.

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  1. Jason

    You buy carbon credits for all those transatlantic flights, right?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Wish I could.