last day in london

the time has come to leave.  tomorrow is the day.  we are all sooo ready to go.  but a few things needed to be done before we bolt out of town.

Hot choc
we began our day at the wolseley where we have dined a few times for lunch and breakfast.  mostly breakfast.  literally around the corner from us.  josh was decadent and began with a hot chocolate.

gruyere omelet for me

bagel, lox and chive cream cheese with scrambled eggs on the side for josh.  the boy is certainly a chip off the old block.

eggs over easy for fred, baguette for me, crumpets and preserves for fred.  granola for emily.  all good.  love the wolsleley.  i thank tanya for walking me through the door in the first place.

we walked over to selfridges to purchase a few extra bags for luggage.  walked through berkeley square on the way over. 

saw the 9/11 memorial in the park.  i had no idea until we stumbled upon it.  each plant signifies something.  really nice.  tranquil.

we packed all afternoon.  fred and I had a beer at the pub across the street before dinner.  the pub is always packed and we felt it was important to have at least one drink there before we left.

dinner was at moro.  a spanish/morrocan restaurant.  the food was really good but loaded with garlic.  i hope
we don't stink up the plane tomorrow.  the breads were made in their brick oven.  rich, chewy and crusty at the same time.  wow.  em and i started with the warm chorizo tomato salad with big white beans.  jess had the fattoush salad.  pieces of grilled pita bread with cucumbers and tomato.

fred went with the grilled mushrooms and prawns on a toasty piece of bread.

josh went with the ajo blanco with sultana grapes.  fred looked it up on google and said it was a white gazpacho.  certainly didn't look like that when it came.  jessica looked it up and confirmed it was a white almond garlic soup.  not our thing.  kind of tasted like bad mozzarella juice.

for dinner, the girls went with the mixed vegetable mezze which was really delicious.

fred and i opted for the grilled lamb with tabbouleh and muhummra which is a spicy red sauce.  all good.

josh went with the wood roasted chicken with a variety of seasoning and salad on the side.

liked moro.  different menu at the bar which you can not order at the tables.  full of flavor and loads of spice. very loud in there.  hard to hear.  wish they didn't love garlic because i do believe that the food could be just as good without the heavy handed garlic.  tomorrow on the plane could be tough. 

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  1. Cori

    Hey Gotham Gal, I love your blog, don’t always agree with you, but nevertheless, love your perspective and recommendations. I’m in London now, for a week — I’m going to take many of your recommendations for food…out of curiosity, did you research restaurants you chose or did you go on recommendations? Please advise. Thanks!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Mostly research. Some reccos but I always took the advice and researched it to death.