Our friend in Paris, who loves food too, recommended the restaurant L'Essentiel as well as Les Vapeurs.  This particular restaurant was definitely a labor of love.  A husband and wife team.  The concept being Eurasian.  Both trained chefs.  Korean and European.

The space is minimal yet cozy.  Low ceilings and a tiny bar.  There is a nice vibe there.  Outside there is a large open space for al fresco dining.  People here show up around 9ish for dins. 

 We all went for dinner starters.  Josh had the gazpacho which was amazing.  A tad salty but an interesting combination of flavors.  A variety of tomatoes, mango, and jambon chopped up.  This went in the middle of the soup and then they poured the soup around it when it was served.  The base had a white balsamic vinegar.  The menu doesn't really tell you how they made it which is too bad because it was fantastic and I'd love the recipe. 

 Fred had the artichoke stuff ravioli which was hearty.

 I had a pea soup surrounding burrata and tomatoes.  Really good.  Also rich.

 For the main courses, Josh went with the gnocchi.  Not what he expected.  It really wasn't gnocchi it was more like pasta with vegetables.  Not that great.

 Fred and I went for the secret pork.  I say secret because our waiter told us that it was a Spanish pork, the best part of the pork but tastes like beef but he wouldn't tell us what part of the pig.  Regardless, we went for it. A few pieces of pork with sliced crunchy vegetables, sauteed artichoke hearts and a light sesame dressing.

 Josh went for the dessert.  Chocolate cake with a pistachio soup.

 We had the cheese of the area.  Pont L'Eveque.  Sharp.

The gazpacho was the best part, hands down.  We walked through town after dinner back to the hotel.  Very relaxing.   

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  1. Stevenghill

    cost of dinner?

    1. Gotham Gal

      I believe around $120 euros.