I have done quite the number on my shoulder and neck.  The intensity of the pain seems to have spread to the point where moving my neck is a tad painful. 
Quite sure it has been slowly moving towards this point.  The bed and pillows in London are killing me.  I find myself waking up with my shoulders shrugged up to my ears.  No wonder I toss and turn.

Based on my London pedicure experience, I thought I'd just wait for a good massage or two when we got home but it became unbearable.  I booked a massage at our hotel in Deauville.

Massages are a strange thing.  They have become a big business over the past 30 years.  30 years ago having a massage was so decadent, now it is common at any hotel.  There weren't nail salons on every other corner of NYC 30 years ago either.  I seriously didn't get a pedicure or manicure until the day before we got married.  Can't count how many since then.

For any massage, you are booked with a random person where you strip down and trust them to massage your entire body.  The experience here was strange.  They don't actually have massage rooms but use random rooms that are  available.  The masseuse is local.  She didn't know how to use the a/c system, the lights or anything.  There was barely a towel.  All very strange but she did free up the huge knots in my shoulders so at least my neck moves.

Just chalk it up to another strange experience.