Terroir is a tapas and wine bar located near the theater
district of Covent Garden.  The
minute we sat down, the owner/manager came by to tell us that there was a
Terroir in NYC just like what they are doing.  We have been to the Terroir in the East Village (they also just opened one in Tribeca) and the one in Zurich which is totally different than their concept.  Similar idea but a tad different.  Maybe all the Terroir’s talk to each

The menu is small. 
We began with a selection of all the charcuterie and cheeses.  Everything on the charcuterie plate was
outstanding.  The pistachio pork
terrine was dense, tasty, and just delicious.  Each salami was loaded with flavor.  Duck rillette was also a treat. 

 Cheese were all interesting and a nice combo with the
charcuterie.  It was late and we
ordered that and just a few other things.

 Fred had a few shrimp.

 Emily and I went with the artichoke which was not only one
of the largest artichokes I have ever had but one of the best.  I love the artichokes over here.  More dense and flavorful.  A different breed than the ones we get
back in the states.  Globe

Josh ordered the hanger steak which came sliced in a bowl
with pieces of chorizo, roasted potatoes and seriously sweet caramelized
onions.  So good.  On a side note, whenever we ask about a
certain dish because they use different names for things here.  For instance, hanger steak is called
something else which I can't remember.  They always describe to you
what exactly it is like we have never heard of hanger steak.  Just an observation. 

Jessica had soup and sea bass which she thoroughly
enjoyed.  The one person in the
house who doesn’t dig the cheese and salamis.  Alas. 

Great late after theater dinner with excellent bottles of wine.  Glad we were able to check out the Terroir in London.  Supposedly there is one in SF
too….although they know each other, all owned by completely different people.

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  1. RichardF

    hanger steak, usually referred to as skirt over here or onglet (the French word for it) seems to be popular in UK restaurants at the moment.Globe artichokes are right in season at the moment and are really delicious I think.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Its become more popular in the states too. Less expensive.

    2. fredwilson

      they called it bavette (sp?) last night

      1. Gotham Gal

        Something like that

      2. RichardF

        You learn a new French butchery term every day !I’m going to give Terroir a try looks good.

  2. Mike Hart

    Makes my PB&J sandwich for lunch look pathetic! I notice Josh tends to gravitate towards the steak when offered on the menu (like most male teenagers do). Great trip, great pics, thanks for sharing.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Man after my own heart

  3. Yule Heibel

    Nice article that explains this cut of beef in Portland Monthly Magazine (http://www.portlandmonthlym… – with a potentially alarming graphic (if you’re in a vegan sort of mood, that is!), subtitled, “Bavette steak may be the tastiest cut of beef you never heard of.”Edit: whoops, forgot to put the url in (fixed!).