the prisoner of second avenue

Images  The Prisoner of Second Avenue was
written in 1971 by
Neil Simon and it is still being performed, I’d consider that a classic.  Last night, we went to see the performance of Jeff
Goldbloom and Mercedes Ruhl play Mel and Edna, the two main characters of the

It was really a pleasure watching two excellent actors
perform.  Both of these actors have
had successful interesting careers and watching them act was the best part of the show.  

The play is about a couple, in their late 40’s.  Mel loses his job of 22 years and has a nervous breakdown.  Edna returns to work to
find herself just as insane as he was while he was working.   Two people end up going through the same frustrations of the work world, the economy, their bank
accounts and life together.  In many ways, incredibly spot on for what is happening today just with
different numbers and different clothes. 

The 70’s clothes worn by all the women in the play were
great including the set.  I hesitate to say the play
is dated because what happened in the play between two people is not that
different than what happens today but the cost of things, the way they lived
their lives, their ages, is different. 
I’d really love to see someone re- create the Prisoner of Second Avenue in the present day. 

The stresses of the economy right now remain the same but the way we live our lives and the ages we that the majority of us go
through things have changed dramatically, particularly in urban areas.  Most people are not 47 by the time
their kids are almost done with college like Mel and Edna are.

Our kids, although they enjoyed some of the lines and the
acting, were disconnected by the timing of the play.  Great acting but I have to say it,