Today marks the ninth year of the day we all refer to as 9/11.  Every year, on the 11th of September,  I reflect and remember the events of that fateful day through my eyes and immediately tears roll down my cheeks.  I can't even imagine reflecting through the eyes of people that have lost loved ones.  My heart breaks for them. 

Today the crystal clear sky is similar to the one we had nine years ago.  Finally we see a building rising up in the hole that has been sitting empty for so long.  To take nine years of struggle to rebuild is a depiction of the times we live in.

 Americans success and leadership throughout the world has been our demise over the past nine years.  We want what we want and we want it now. We have buried ourselves into debt and mismanagement because we thought we didn't have to pay for it. 

A lot has changed over the past nine years since terrorists took down the world trade towers.  We live with a sense of fear knowing that something like that could easily happen again.  It could.  We live in a world where security is everywhere. 

I hope that when the new building opens its doors on the ground of the former World Trade Center that as Americans we sit back and reflect on our future.  How can we rise again?  When did we lose our way in education and other industries?  Why can't we live in peace and embrace each other as one nation regardless of religion or any beliefs? Why can't we agree to disagree?  Can we forge together on new economies without anger and frustration?  Can we be united?

On a perfect fall day when the sun is shining against a crystal clear blue sky I feel optimistic.  Perhaps we should all be thinking about how we need to become a more humble embracing united nation to each and everyone of our fellow Americans.  As the building rises, let's all rise up too.