Casey Cook

Last night I stopped by to see the opening of Casey Cook's work at I-20 Gallery.  It is absolutely worth going to see….and I bought a piece, the one above.  Her works melds her two passions together, music and art.

I have a long history with Casey which makes the piece I bought even more special.  About 10 years ago I was looking for art classes for Jessica and came away empty handed at every turn.  I was spending some time going to studios of young artists and decided perhaps that was the way to go.  I sent Josh Abelow an email asking him if he would be interested in having a one on one class with Jessica once a week.  He was busy moving and suggested I contact his good friend Casey Cook.  And so I did.

Casey had already had a few gallery shows and I was surprised when she said she'd love to do it.  Jessica started going to her studio which was located in the Garment center every week.  Eventually Casey moved out to the end of Brooklyn and Jessica began making the commute out there once a week the following year.  The next year we decided that Casey would come to our house and Emily and Josh would join in on occasion.  It might have been more Emily than Jessica at this point.

Casey left NYC and moved south where she continued to paint and began to put out music too.  I am thrilled to see her work hanging in a terrific gallery in Chelsea where she is now showing in NYC and being represented by people who really care about the longevity of her career. 

I have been watching her transform over the years and am so happy to see where she has landed. 

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  1. Sunchowder

    Beautiful piece!

  2. Dearcasey

    thank you! so nice to visit. hope more soon. xo

    1. Gotham Gal

      Really nice to visit!